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Morgan Von Feldt: Graphic Designer and Content Creator

I’ve been doing all sorts of art throughout my entire life but really began taking it seriously in 2020 when I landed my first position as a social media manager for a small, Minnesota-based clothing company. I started my design journey on platforms like Canva and eventually learned the ropes of the Adobe Creative Suite as well – my primary tool for current design work. I am skilled in programs like Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, and XD with some background in Premiere and Audition as well. Most of my illustrative designs are created in Illustrator, while my print work comes from Adobe InDesign, and content creation alternates between Illustrator and Canva. 


I love how design has been an outlet for me both creatively and professionally. It’s so fun truly loving what I do for work and the idea that design is constantly changing and evolving is so exciting for me. I tend to experiment in my design work but my go-to style is typically minimalist and trendy — though I have experience working for a wide range of clients, from interior designers to bloggers to HVAC companies. 

Like what you see here? Don’t hesitate to reach out, I’m always happy to chat further about my design work! 

My Graphic Design

My design skill set ranges from content creation to illustrative design and branding, with a background in logo design, web design, and print advertising.

Content Creation & Marketing

I have 4 years of experience in the realm of content creation and marketing. My experience spans across various areas, including social media content creation, print advertising, logo and web design, and branding, allowing me to cover a broad spectrum within the marketing realm.


In recent years, engaging in illustrative design has provided me with the opportunity to explore and familiarize myself with various design platforms, specifically in the Adobe Creative Suite.


Most of my digital illustrative work has come through freelance commissions. 


Interested in hearing more about commissions from me? Let’s chat! 

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